Monday, October 20, 2008

Broadway by Day (1930)

Ira Gallen at TV Days has put together another fascinating short showcasing street scenes of New York in 1930.

"BROADWAY BY DAY" (scored to "Give My Regards To Broadway") takes us on a 1930 tour of the street from Yonkers to the city line at the Bronx border, downtown through streets with trolleys on them (the Bronx had trolleys until 1947) to the Broadway subway, past 125th Street in Harlem (with Kosher butcher shops very visible), down to 72nd Street and to Columbus Circle.

With an elevated train line visible, to the view along Broadway down from 57th Street, to the entertainment district in the 40's and the city south of there, past 14th Street and down to the Battery--along the way we glimpse clothes, cars, stores, styles, and other artifacts of a past long gone.