Monday, December 8, 2008

New Deal: We Work Again- PSA (1930's)

Vintage short entitled "We Work Again" which was produced in 1937. From IMDb:
This short documentary was originally meant primarily as an upbeat feature in support of a popular government program, but today it is especially interesting as a piece of history, in a number of respects. Even by itself, it would be a worthwhile look at the practical effects of the Works Progress Administration in alleviating some of the worst effects of the 1930s' economic depression. But it is probably most known today for its inclusion of the last few minutes of Orson Welles's distinctive stage version of "Macbeth", which adds an intriguing bonus to the movie.

While the documentary takes a look at the WPA's work in many different fields, it focuses specifically on the ways that African-Americans were affected by the depression and then helped by the WPA. It thus provides a look at a significant aspect of the depression that is not often considered on its own.
Thanks to Weirdo Video for this clip.