Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kix Cereal Classic Commercial (1953)

A Classic 1950's Television Commercial for Kix Cereal. This is from an episode of Ding Dong School. From the description:

Miss Frances was born in Ottawa, Ohio. She earned her Master's degree in education from Columbia University and received her Doctorate at Northwestern University. She became the head of the department of education at Chicago's Roosevelt College. Miss Frances' Ding Dong School was developed by the show's producer, Reinald Werrenrath, Jr. together with Judith Waller, director of public affairs programming for the NBC Central Division and began to air in the Chicago area on NBC. The show quickly gained popularity among young children and was quickly broadcast nationally, Monday through Friday, in November of 1952. In that year, she won the George Foster Peabody Award. The show at one time is suspected of having a 95 percent share on all preschoolers. In 1954, Miss Frances moved to New York, where she supervised all of NBC's children's programming. She held this position until 1956, when the show was canceled in favor of The Price is Right. Horwich owned the rights to Ding Dong School and syndicated the show until 1965.