Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Three Stooges- 3 Dumb Clucks (1937)

3 Dumb Clucks features The Three Stooges in their 22nd comedy short. The Stooges are in jail when they receive a letter from their mother informing them that their father has struck it rich with oil. She also tells them that he plans to leave her and marry a young woman. She asks that they stop the wedding. It's classic Stooges fun!

I did find an interesting fact about this episode. Per Wikipedia:

During the scene where Curly's father arrives for his wedding, two of the gold digger's henchmen dispose of him by throwing him down an elevator shaft. The prop men had padded the bottom of the shaft to cushion Curly's fall, but neglected to cover a protruding 2" x 4" panel. Curly was thrown down the shaft quickly, and landed head-first on the 2" x 4", tearing his scalp open. As the Stooges were workhorses at Columbia Pictures, Curly was not taken to the hospital. Instead, the studio physician was rushed to the set to apply several stitches to Curly's scalp. Some fresh hair was glued over the wound, and with a healthy dose of painkillers, the slightly wobbily Stooge was back in action within a few hours. The patch can clearly be seen in the scene where Curly is trying on hats.